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How to fix S9+ not connecting to PC:

Following are the steps on how to clear cache partition of Galaxy S9 from recovery menu in order to fix Galaxy S9 not recognized on PC error:

Know that clearing the cache partition of your phone won’t delete any data present on your S9. It will just delete the temporary files that might be causing the unorthodox behavior of your phone. So, proceed with the steps below without further ado:

  • First of all, turn off your Galaxy S9 or S9+.
  • Now open recovery menu by pressing and holding “Volume up“,”Bixby” and “Power” buttons. Once you see Android figure on the background leave the buttons and let it load the recovery menu.
  • In the recovery menu, you will see a number of options. Use the Volume button to navigate to “Wipe Cache Partition” option on your phone.
  • Use power button to select.
  • Once the process is complete, use the reboot system option.

Beware: Do not reset or turn off your phone while clearing of cache partition is running. It can damage the operating system of your phone.

These are all the methods that do not result in any loss of data. If your phone is still acting up and you are unable to access it on your PC. Also, you are sure the problem is on the phone side. You have checked it by connecting your phone to some other PC and you have also tried some other data cable.

Then the last resort is factory reset. You can do it from the recovery menu or in the settings menu of your phone. Whatever suits you better.

If the factory reset option also doesn’t works and you are still getting Galaxy S9 not recognized by PC. Then use this guide to install stock firmware on your Galaxy S9. Once you have installed a new firmware, your phone will be new as you took it out of the box.

That is all I have on how to fix Galaxy S9 not recognized by PC. If you have any issues or comments. Any type of feedback is welcome in the comments. You can also ask me if you have any confusions with any of the methods mentioned above.


Potential reasons for Galaxy S9 not recognized by PC and their solutions:

If you intend to transfer files to or from your S9. Make sure the correct setting is selected. That should me MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)

You can confirm the right mode by following the steps below:

  1. First of all, head on to the Settings
  2. Locate Build Number and tap on it seven times. It will enable the developers’ option.
  3. Head back to the main menu of Settings.
  4. Open Developer Options.
  5. There you will see USB Configurations. If charging or any other option is selected change it to MTP.

Even if this does not fix the error USB device not recognized. Then we are left with only two options. First, try to clear the cache of your phone from recovery menu. Last option is to perform a factory reset.

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